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If you would like to join us or come along to the meetings to see what we do, keep an eye on the calendar, to find out when our next meeting will be.

About ASPA

Ashton School Parents Association is an active group of parents who meet regularly to arrange fundraising activities. Meetings are advertised on the weekly newsletter and are now held at the school. All parents are welcome to attend.

We, as a group, are constantly looking for new ideas for fundraising. The money raised each year goes back into the school to support the curriculum and learning experiences for the children. We run activities such as film nights, games nights and the annual Ashton fireworks display. They are great fundraisers, involving the whole community and the children love every minute of them!

Some of the things ASPA has funded in recent years include:

  • playground equipment
  • art supplies
  • musical instruments
  • globes
  • games to help with spelling
  • toy ironing boards and tool benches for the infants to play with
  • small items for the cooking club
  • flowers for Mother's Day

ASPA also helped by contributing towards:

  • the juniors' trip to Holdenby House
  • a trip to the Think Tank
  • a visit to the Science Museum
  • the infants' trip to the National Space Centre